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Mobile Specific Websites Should Have These 5 Key Features

Mobile Specific Websites for australian small and medium businessesHaving mobile specific websites for your small business is certainly not the same as having a website which is created to suit desktop computers. A mobile specific website needs to be much simpler for your customers to navigate, view and gain quick access to vital information when viewing on a mobile phone.

The team at Small Business Marketing Firm have put together 5 key features your mobile specific websites should incorporate.

1: Easy One Click Option On Mobile Specific Websites To Contact Your Business

Are you aware that customers/visitors that are on your mobile website are far more likely to contact you via phone than when they are on the desktop version? Google recently put together data which shows that 61% of people who are on a mobile website through the search engines will phone the business from their phones. You need to make it nice and simple for potential customers to call you ASAP. Our Mobile Specific Websites solution provides Click To Call buttons placed in the ideal position to ensure they are indeed calling you.  Best position is ideally at the top of the mobile site.

2: Follow The Yellow Brick Road Straight To Your Door ~ Map & Directions In Mobile Specific Websites

Maps and directions, very much like the Click To Call gain a high percent of customers who contact you directly, however this time they are heading straight to your front door. Remember mobile is all about “On the Go”.

Having a simple Map and Directions button on your mobile specific websites when clicked opens up your address in a built-in map application right on your phone. Thus your potential customer can find you quickly.

3: The All-Important Mobile Website Design Needs To Be Optimized

Your mobile website needs to edify back to your desktop website which helps with “Branding” who you are. Being creative will give your mobile site the edge without taking away who or what your business is. There are many “standard templates” about but nothing sells “you” better than your own style. You will also find that standard templates are appropriate for different webpages.

4: Can Your Customers Actually Read Or Follow Your Website On Their Phone?

Look at your own mobile phone. The screen is small, unlike a huge desktop monitor. Try looking at a normal website on your phone (don’t spend too long though as they eat your download up!) Notice how it’s hard to read, perhaps your still waiting for the site to load!!

Always be mindful that your mobile website content needs to be easy to read. Larger buttons also helps your potential customers to navigate quickly around your mobile website. Most times you will find they only want basic information, a few images are nice or video or two along with some other goodies that helps Your Business such as Social Media sharing etc. They are not looking to read content the size of “novels” so keep it simple.

5: Ability To Update Your Mobile Websites Fast!

Whenever you update your desktop website with new information, special deals and the like you need to make certain your mobile specific website is updated also. We don’t mean updated a few days later, next week or next month either. Good customer service requires your mobile site is in tune with your desktop site. Being able to do this automatically is a golden key. Smart Business Marketing Firm has that covered with our specialized mobile specific websites platform.

Keeping your mobile website updated, providing your customers with information that in turn has them calling or connecting with you quickly leads to more sales. Always maintain the ultimate browsing experience for them.