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Back Linking The Old Way Is Not The Right Way

Are you doing your own back linking to your small business website? Australian businesses take note for the sake of your rankings!

The world of link structure has changed since the introduction of Google’s Penguin. We are sure you have heard about it online, through a blog, maybe even talked about in Facebook. If your site has disappeared off the front page of Google, second or third page you may be jumping up and down blaming it all on Google, ranting “why punish me!” “someone get me the phone I want to give them a piece of my mind!!”

Unfortunately no amount of yelling or dancing up and down will help. You firstly need to understand it could of been the way you back linked or your back linking strategies that caused the issue.  With an algorithm update, turned out Google found your “mistake”or the “mistake” of your SEO people that you currently use.

One of Google’s little “finds” was on spammy links or links they consider to be of a spammy nature. Can you believe these have been used in the past because the concept to create them was there in the first place.

While you may not have understood it at the time following the old thought process well “everyone else is doing it so I guess it’s OK”; looking back you will now understand that in reality producing bad links, taking short cuts was far from ok.

Wasn’t just bad back linking practices either. What about keywords in your content. How much of it do you do, don’t you do. Again keyword stuffing is a tactic that’s been a big NO NO for a VERY long time now. As is buying back links! Many people have fallen prey to hyped up companies offering crazy rankings for websites through buying 1000s upon 100os of back links. Its just not worth to take the punt doing so. Now as you have found Google doesn’t think much of them either.

Things of the passed that seemed acceptable at the time have now come back to bite 100s of website owners. No thought had been given to what is a good link compared to a bad back link.  As we consider the way it was we understand simply just how much the game has actually altered.

Your back linking structure is no longer about quantity with countless links created in a day however, rather, about quality. While this will be a hard shift for some the outcomes are links that are ethical and of a high requirement.

Small Business Marketing Firm SEO team know what they are doing. If your site has disappeared from the search results give us a call, purchase one of our affordable packages and allow the team to go to work bringing your business back to where it should be ranking; using ethical back linking procedures.

There is always a way to fix a problem with the right solution!