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The Internet age is here and having mobile websites for your small business is critical. So is being accessible on Smart Phones.

Have You Looked At Your Website On A Mobile Device?

You will find your website doesn’t look that great and very hard to navigate because it is a desktop only website. You will notice that text is hard to read, buttons are much smaller and some of your website elements may not be working at all. Customers see what you are viewing.

They would need to zoom in, move the site around on their smartphone and end up totally frustrated. In fact approx. 40% of your visitors will click away to your competition. Worse still approx. 57% of people visiting your website will not recommend to other people.

Mobile Websites Are The Key To The Next Online Shopping Boom!

More than 10 million people, or almost half the population, bought something online in 2012, spending an average of $3,547 per person. The Age April 11, 2013 Michael Baker Read More:

Having a professional mobile specific website will make it easier for your customers to find your business on the go. Special features such as, thumb friendly buttons, Click-to-Call & Mobile Maps all help to convert smartphone traffic into instant buying customers!

Small Business Marketing Firm offers your business an innovative Mobile Websites design service which turns your existing website into a mobile specific website. We also offer custom built mobile specific websites if your business currently doesn’t have a site.

Mobile websites are developed on our specialized platform and are fully compatible with all smartphones including iPhone, Android & Windows Mobile.

Mobile Usage & Search Statistics
• Mobile searches have grown by approx. 400% since 2010
• 2013, will see more people using mobile phones as apposed to their PCs when online
• There will be the equivalent of one mobile device for every person on earth by 2015
• 90% of people searching on mobile devices act within 24 hours
• 95% of mobile users have searched for local products & services
• 61% of people call the business while on the mobile specific website
• 59% visit the business

Your Mobile WebSites Can Also Include:

mobile website buttons Larger Buttons Fingers are tapping give easy navigation.
contact(1)Tap-2-Call Your customer is calling you from your site.
qr-codeQR Code – Customers connecting on the go.

business hours listed on mobile sitesBusiness Hours Display your operating hours.
email business from your mobile phoneFull Contact Form option for customers to send you an email.
mobile maps and directionsMobile Map Easy to follow road map to the front door of your business.

special Coupons/Special Deals Offer special deals & promotions.
mobile photo galleryImage Slider Or Photo Gallery Add a new dimension to your websites images or photos.
Youtube on mobile specfic websitesYouTube add your video.

Share your mobile websiteShare  Allow your customers to share your site with friends.
social networking on mobile specific sites to connect to your customers Social Media Have your customers connect with you.
Resturant menu for mobile specific websites Restaurant Menu Showcase your menu with or without prices.

paypal PayPal Customers can purchase from your mobile website.
SEO for mobile websitesSEO We Search Engine Optimize your mobile specifc website for mobile search engines
track your traffic to your mobile websiteMobile Website Analytics Know what your customers are doing and who is visiting. Ability to intergrate with Google Analytics.

Customized Mobile Websites include all of the above plus stock images or we can use your own.

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