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Panda & Penguin Algorithm Updates Does Google Run A Zoo?

Well you may be excused for thinking so when all you read online is Panda & Penguin algorithm updates. No Google is not creating a zoo, therePanda & Penguin Algorithm Updates is no gatekeeper stopping you from entering the “search engines” (unless of course you are doing something wrong with your website, then you may be left sitting outside on the park bench!)

For those of you unsure what the heck a Panda or Penguin algorithm updates is, it is simply the “name” been given to Google’s algorithm updates. To save boring you to tears with history, Panda is relatively old news and the latest furry creature on the block is Penguin, which is the latest “name” for an algorithm update within the Google search engine. While we have taken the liberty of a little “tongue in cheek” it is  important for you to know why these are done and possible outcomes for your small business online.

To now bring you up to speed there has been a number of “Penguin” updates that cause various issues to websites regarding their search engine rankings. The latest happened over the last 24 hours….being commonly refereed to as “Penguin 2.0″

Penguin 2.0 is a new algorithm update and so far it looks like going much deeper than the previous updates did. With this a number of small business owners are a little shaky. While you always hope you have done what is required to avoid being penalized from any update, you need to maintain and keep on top of your SEO work. While keeping any update in mind, remember this, it’s all about the user. Your customer and being focused for them.

We know it can be really tempting to avoid doing any SEO work due to fear of loss, the bottom line is no website receives a sprinkle of magic dust giving incredible ranking results. You need to be vigilant about what your customer wants & needs are. Again it comes back to researching keywords (what your customer is typing into the search engines to find your product). Don’t over stuff your website content with keywords either. We spoke about this briefly in a previous article.

Content (information you provide on your website for your potential customers) is still a major factor in determining your websites ranking results. Keep it valuable and informative always.  Ensure your back link work is spot on or hire the right SEO service with the best team possible to monitor and acheive the results you are looking for.

While you or your SEO company are working at bringing your website to page one on Google, consider doing an affordable PPC ad campaign to increase product sales locally or on a national level.

Panda & Penguin algorithm updates will always happen so don’t let fear stop you from keeping on top of your SEO marketing strategies as your priority is looking after your customer and gaining new ones!
How does Google do all these changes and why?