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Can Your Customers

Find Your Website?


While your small business website maybe ranking in Google, Yahoo & Bing is it in the prime position, gaining sales?

Unfortunately many business owners fall into the mindset that huge sales come from having a great looking website design.  This is only one piece of the puzzle.  Presentation is important for the website user however if your targeted audience can’t find you, then sales will not come.

To gain traffic/customers to your website successfully you require the right SEO services (Search Engine Optimization) plan. You could certainly try to do it yourself but without knowing how to do SEO the right way you could accidentally end up sending your website to the depths of the search engines.

To protect your business and ease the pain of SEO work, hiring SEO specialists with years of knowledge is a far better strategy.  Our guys work with the search engines every day, so when one of them has an algorithm shift we see it and implement strategies to your SEO marketing plan.

Small Business Marketing Firm have a dedicated team of experts ready to take your website to page 1 of the search engines with packages to suit your budget and needs.

SEO Services Within Your Local Area

Not all businesses want to be found on a national level. Google Statistics show more and more people are looking for someone in their local area due to the economic climate. They don’t want to have to travel to far e.g. due to the price of fuel.

They want to deal with someone local they know.

Would you like to be found as their local?

As part of your SEO services package you also receive a dedicated account manager who will work with you to develop a local search engine optimization marketing plan. Most businesses for local SEO will want around 5 – 20 keyword phrases to achieve more sales and build a larger customer base within their local area.

National SEO Services Taking Your Business Across Australia

Working with you, Small Business Marketing Firm can develop a customized national SEO marketing campaign so your product or services are found nationwide.

Let’s look at a prime example to give you an idea. Small Business Marketing national campaign would target non local specific keywords search terms such as “small business marketing” and “small business marketing Australia

Wanting to do a national campaign for your business will not cost you the earth. We offer affordable SEO service packages for both local and national SEO. The whole idea is to have your business found increasing sales and turnover. Not breaking the bank with heavy marketing costs!

Your SEO Services Packages Include:

Keyword research to benefit your small business websiteKeyword Search Term Research Finding & implementing the right keywords for your business.
Competitor AnalysisAnalysis of Your Relevant Competitors A comprehensive study of your competitors online is undertaken by our analysts to find their strengths & weaknesses, thus giving the opportunity to advantage your site.

SEO White Hat Link Building To your business websiteSmart Link Building Using the latest white hat link building strategies with our own proprietary systems will ensure your website is found.
RealTime Website Tracking Of Visitors To Your Small Business Website 24/7 Real Time Reporting Provides you will real reports giving you detailed information & tracking on your campaign

SEO Account Manager for small businessesDedicated Account Manager All SEO clients have a dedicated account manager who works with you to ensure you are gaining maximum online presence, meeting your marketing goals.
1month free seo with small business marketing seo packagesRecieve 1 Month Free When you purchase an SEO package. Ask us about our special SEO deals.

You need expert SEO Services so your customers can find you fast and easily on the front page of the search engines. Don’t let your competitors take your sales!

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