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Small Business Marketing Plan Why You Need It What To Include

Small Business Marketing PlanWhy You Need A Small Business Marketing Plan?

As a business owner you should be fully aware that your small business marketing plan plays an important role in the workings of your business and ensuring your success. There will certainly be instances when you need to advertise and promote your product and or services.

Nonetheless, for some people they may have “missed” this important key. Perhaps they are unsure of where to start. Which marketing avenues create the biggest advantage to market in and give the most leverage.

When you are able to market your business efficiently you create growth in your customer base and bottom line.

One of the most important things in small business advertising is the customer.  After all without the consumer you have no business. Consequently when you are marketing your small business you need to do so with your customer and potential customers in mind.  This means you need to implement strategies to gain customer self-confidence in your product or services.

No matter the dimension of your business, be it big or small, client confidence is critical to the long term success of your business.  If you do not come across as being reputable & in sync with the latest trends your business will suffer greatly. We make no bones about it, the business world; especially the small business world is a tough one with high competition.

Your Small Business Marketing Plan Now Needs To Include A New Avenue Because…..

You need to be one step in front your competitors at all times.  

Look at your current small business marketing plan. What you have in place now and answer the following questions:

  1. Do you have a website? (Please say yes! No business can afford to be without some type of web presence, long gone are the days of simply being in the old phone book)
  2. Is your website ranking high in the search engines gaining a ton of potential customers?
  3. Have you tapped into the Mobile market yet?
  4. Are you using Social Networking?

If you have answered No to any of the questions above, you need to take a look at your marketing plan and make the necessary changes.

Online advertising is the fastest growing form of advertising in Australia, especially the mobile market; approximately 60% of all searches are done on mobile devices daily in Australia. Internet advertising needs to be incorporated into your Small Business marketing plan.

The team here at Small Business Marketing Firm are not saying that print media nor radio or television is no longer working.  What we are explaining to keep up to the growing trends of where consumers shop or look for products, online is where you also need to be.

Going back to the “customer” think about how many of your current customers are walking into your business with a mobile phone.  Make it a point over the next few days to take “notice” of your customers.

Are they carrying a mobile phone? How many of them are checking their phone screen (odds are they are looking at the internet, commenting on social networking sites).  You will certainly be surprised at what you notice.

Actually we are fairly certain that if you yourself own a mobile phone you have searched for a product or service right? Well your customers are no different. They do the exact same thing. They use the internet and more than ever before their phones to find their next purchase!

This is why it’s so vital for your small business marketing plan to add a web presence. You need a website (this also means you need a good quality SEO service to have your website page one of the search engines where your customers hang ou) and or a mobile specific website. Be careful when it comes to mobile sites. There is a big difference between websites that are mobile responsive and mobile specific. We will cover that in another article.