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Social networking for small business advertising and marketing is a concept all businesses must be doing on the Internet. It compliments your website presence, mobile specific website and SEO marketing plan.

Social networking is now turning a new corner with the introduction of YOBSN – Your Own Branded Social Network.  We are certain you have heard of, perhaps even use Facebook to promote your business, products and or services.  Perhaps you simply have your friends “share” your website link around or you run a Facebook Page for your business. You may even use Facebook paid advertising. Regardless in one form or another you are using Social Networking.

YOBSN Is Social Networking On Steroids

A social platform with inbuilt viral marketing engine. No other Social Networking site gives you the digital branding and adverting capabilities that YOBSN gives your business. While Facebook is a free Social Networking service, you as an advertiser purchase a Professional YOBSN Digital Package which enables you to fully brand Your Own Social Network.

How Does YOBSN Work For Your Business In The Social Networking Arena?

YOBSN is Your Own Branded Social Network, the next level up in Social Networking. It is an invite only Social Network site. By purchasing a digital advertising package you have the ability to giveaway unlimited branded social platforms to all your customers as a “Free Gift” and thank you for being a customer.

YOBSN has a “Free” member incentive program where by your customers are rewarded for inviting others to join. When others join they become part of your “Free Member” base of your own YOBSN. Thus in turn those new members become potential customers of your product or services.

YOBSN Branding & Marketing Solution:

  • Dynamic Bar Branding – add your business details
  • Ultimate List Building system – connecting 24/7 with customers via email
  • Your Name in Lights – add your business name top centre of your YOBSN
  • Add unlimited websites
  • Add videos – promote special deals, holidays seasons, sales & more
  • Top Sites Branding – prime realestate where your customers see your website
  • In built blog – showcase your business news and products
  • Communication system – chat, mail, chirp your customers.Build Customer Loyalty For Your Business In YOBSN Socia Networking Site
  • Unlimited changes and updates.

Advertising Benefits For Your Business With YOBSN

  • Viral Marketing System
  • Promote your product or services 24/7
  • Ability to change any branding in real time with no extra cost
  • Provides maximum exposure with top of mind awareness
  • Incentives for your free members/customers to introduce others to your YOBSN
  • New customers will become repeat customers
  • Blast out special deals using the branding areas, inbuilt mail system, your inbuilt blog, chirp and chat.

Small Business Marketing Firm provide you a phone consultation with our YOBSN specialist to gain further information and to train you in YOBSN’s branding and advertising systems. We are also happy to brand your platform for you adding your website, videos and branding details one time (initial setup). Find out today how social networking benefits your small business.

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