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Social Networking For Small Business Does It Work?

social networking for small businessSocial Networking for Small Business… YES/NO?

Social networking used to be dominated solely by individuals searching for friendship online. Times certainly changed very quickly when savvy yet sensible businesses started to understand the value of connecting with “potential new customers” through the wide range of social network sites that are launching almost monthly.

They have discovered the convenience with which they can keep in touch with clients, suppliers, and a host of others.  As a matter of fact, there are now sites that cater especially to businesses. Social networking conveniences to business are several; below a few examples of how they can help your small business.

Why Social Networking For Small Business?

When you establish your business on a social networking site,  whether through a page, group or other , you are specifying  or putting out to the community that customers and potential customers can get in touch with you directly and also hear from others that you use your product and or services.

So if you register on a networking social site with 1000s to millions of users you will also find quite quickly you will have many new people connect up with you. Offer always valuable information on your products and services. Add in “other” information of tips, advice, images and videos. While the old fashioned “word of mouth” will bring people to you, most times there is also the ability to search out and connect to people with similar interest that match in with your business. Do it slowly and without “spamming” anyone with mail/messages.  Spamming is never allowed and social networking sites will have people bad mouthing you very quickly!

Which Social Networking Sites is Best for Small Business?

Although the ever-popular services like MySpace & FB (FaceBook) have many businesses with well-developed pages, they are primarily for social causes, artists, social reasons, and bands. Facebook however has developed a strong “business” following so holds preference over Myspace. Businesses who prefer an even more “professional” connection setup typically resort to LinkedIn, Tribe or Ryze.

These services will certainly function mostly for business that creates a strong identification.  As an example, if you are a real estate firm and have a page full of information concerning your children’s achievements, not only will you miss an opportunity to “Sell” you will also find people disconnecting from you. Obviously you can boast of your youngsters, however they will not gain you customers. Social networking for small business also doesn’t include last nights dinner menu either!   Be friendly yet be mindful rule of thumb is to; stick to business when you are using social network sites to market your business.

How Does Social Networking Sites Improve Online Search Engine Rankings?

Another advantage of using Social Networking sites is the traffic you can generate back to your main website or mobile website. Within your information always add links to your website! This will also give you another way to create a backlink. This we discussed in a previous article.  If possible try and create your username in Social Networking sites as your business name as this will create a “URL” e.g. if your business name is ABC Hairdressers your account would most times be It also helps people find you so much easier.

The advantages of social networking for small business are massive and a business that takes advantage of this marketing avenue will see better direct exposure typically in the exact same day they create their profile/page. YOBSN is the new player in the field of social networking. YOBSN is the next generation in marketing, branding and advertising for businesses within a social networking platform.  One every business needs to take action on.

Nowadays, to neglect social networking for small business is to do so at your very own peril. Social networking is here to stay!