Panda & Penguin Algorithm Updates Does Google Run A Zoo?

Penguin Algorithm Updates

Well you may be excused for thinking so when all you read online is Panda & Penguin algorithm updates. No Google is not creating a zoo, there is no gatekeeper stopping you from entering the "search engines" (unless of course you are doing something wrong with your website, then you may be left sitting outside on the park bench!) For those of you unsure what the heck a Panda or Penguin algorithm updates is, it is simply the "name" been given to Google's algorithm updates. To save boring you to tears with history, Panda is relatively old news and the latest furry creature on the block is … [Read more...]

Back Linking The Old Way Is Not The Right Way

Back Linking the corect way for small business Australia

Are you doing your own back linking to your small business website? Australian businesses take note for the sake of your rankings! The world of link structure has changed since the introduction of Google's Penguin. We are sure you have heard about it online, through a blog, maybe even talked about in Facebook. If your site has disappeared off the front page of Google, second or third page you may be jumping up and down blaming it all on Google, ranting "why punish me!" "someone get me the phone I want to give them a piece of my mind!!" Unfortunately no amount of yelling or dancing up and … [Read more...]

Small Business Marketing Plan Why You Need It What To Include

Small Business Marketing Plan

Why You Need A Small Business Marketing Plan? As a business owner you should be fully aware that your small business marketing plan plays an important role in the workings of your business and ensuring your success. There will certainly be instances when you need to advertise and promote your product and or services. Nonetheless, for some people they may have “missed” this important key. Perhaps they are unsure of where to start. Which marketing avenues create the biggest advantage to market in and give the most leverage. When you are able to market your business efficiently you … [Read more...]