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Test Your Website

Have you seen your Small Business Website on a mobile device?

Test your website by adding your desktop URL below. Choose a smart phone and view how your desktop website looks to your customers who are searching for products and services that your own business offers on their phones.  Are they calling you or your competition?

Having a great looking desktop website you will find unfortunately doesn’t work well on any smart phone. Your customers just as you are trying to do now, need to either squint to read your information, zoom in to see any navigation, perhaps trying to click your phone number (if they can see it or find it) and worse still will simply give up within seconds, clicking away. In fact you will find your desktop site will be slow to load on a mobile phone, meaning a high percent of your customers will hit the back button so as NOT to drag on their download. Which means you just lost another customer, again!

Please note: While viewing your website through the mobile emulator below will give you an “idea” of how your desktop website looks on a smart phone, this is still a simulation only. We always advise that you also try looking at your site on real iPhone, Android or Blackberry phone. Our mobile specific websites work on those phones plus over 5000+ smart phone models that are available worldwide.

Call the team here at Small Business Marketing Firm to order your mobile specific website today. Our packages are affordable!